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Brand - Red Wine 2020

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Brand - Pfalz, Germany

"This wine is how you say “glou” in German. At just 10% alcohol this bottle is a perky, limestone-riddled, tart-cranberry and red-fruited joy of a wine"

The creatively named “Red” wine from the brothers Brand is 85% Portugieser (we needed another Portugieser in the book, ja know?), with a small addition of what the Brand brothers call “magic” – their incredibly beautiful Cabernet Franc (15% bringing a little more structure and earthiness). The wine was fermented in stainless steel a lá carbonic maceration and bottled early, like a Nouveau, but then allowed to settle in bottle for about 6 months, like a normal wine. The malo finished in tank and the wine was bottled without any added sulfur in clear bottles with a crown cap.