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(H) La Casetta - CheRubino - Vino Rosso

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La Casetta - Liguria, Italy

Varietal: Rossese 100% (AKA: Tibouren)

Giada Bonfiglio and her mother Lorena carry on their family's 50 year history of wine making and olive oil production on their 3 ha terraced estate situated at 400m in the Valle Arroscia of Imperia. They have 12,000 vines between Pigato, Vermentino, Rossesse, Ormeasco (the local name for Dolcetto) and Garnaccia. From these, they produce light and elegant wines with regal acidity and teel-tale tones off macchia inherent to the area. 

Practicing organic

Spotaneous Fermentation 

Super delicious, this wine takes you on a journey.  Grenadine jumps out of the glass and starts the palate but gives way to fresh herbs and a subtle white pepper accent.