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(H) Macatho - Segundo Flores - Uva Pais

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Agricola Macatho - Valle del Maule, Chile

Varietal: Pais

The vines used to make this wine are 150 years old.  Pais might be the most important grape in the history of viticulture in the Americas.  It was first introduced by Hernan Cortes in the 16th century, who ordered that it be planted in all new Spanish settlements for the production of sacrimental wines.  As a result, the grape was grown in all new Spanish missions thus earning the name "Mission" grape.  As the Spanish continued to colonize the Americas the grape stayed with them thus being planted all across the "New World" from California all the way down to Patagonia and every where in between.  The original Spanish variety is known as Listan Prieto and due to the phylloxera devastation in the late 19th century, it is only found in the Canary Islands.  

Oh yeah the wine! Super gnarly and complex nose of wild berries, bramble, smoke and white pepper. The palate confirms the nose, taking you on a wild ride as you try to wrap your mind around all the complexity.  Medium to light in body and tannins the acidity on the finish leaves you wanting more.  Put a chill on it and crush with some friends or pair with your favorite dry rubbed barbecue pork.